Backup iPhone, Android WhatsApp messages, pictures, video, audio to PC/Mac

As the global most popular messaging application, WhatsApp has a large number of users up to one billion as of February 2016. Without having to pay for SMS, WhatsApp users can send each other messages, images, documents, video and audio media info using iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or Nokia. Today, most WhatsApp users rely on WhatsApp to stay in touch with their friends and family. Why WhatsApp is so popular? Below may be the key points:
1.Ease of setup, no signups or invites.
2. Available on all major mobile platforms.
3. User friendly UI is easy for people to understand and navigate.
4. No Ads.

WhatsApp Backup

Nearly a billion people around the world today contact their friends and family using WhatsApp messenger, so there must be some important WhatsApp information stored on your mobile phone, and you want to save your chats history from time to time. According to WhatsApp’s official website, you can back up WhatsApp messages and media to Google Drive so that if you lose your phone or switch to another Android phone, your chats are safe. However, this method seems a little complex, here we introduce another method to backup your WhatsApp messages from iPhone or Android to computer, that is using iPhone WhatsApp Transfer or Android WhatsApp Transfer.

iPhone WhatsApp Transfer is able to backup WhatsApp chats history from iPhone to computer, extract photos, video and audio files in WhatsApp messages to computer. The smart software works perfectly for all iPhone devices, including iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 6/6Plus, iPhone 5S/5C, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS.

Backup iPhone WhatsApp messages, pictures, video, audio to PC/Mac

Android WhatsApp Transfer does a great job in copying WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, audio from Android smartphone to computer for backup. It supports almost all popular Android phones manufactured by Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

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Backup Android WhatsApp messages, pictures, video, audio to PC/Mac