Android Data Transfer, transfer/manage Android data on computer

Android Market Share
The global smartphone market share was hold by the two big giants – Google Android and Apple iOS. Android has been growing significantly in the U.S., Europe, and China. In the U.S, Android grabbed 65.5 percent, up 7.3 percent from 2015. In the top five European markets (U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain), the market share of Android increased to 75.6 percent, up 7.1 percent from previous year. In major Chinese urban areas, Android phones had 77 percent market share, up 6 percent from a year ago.

The Global Mobile Operating System Market Share in June, 2016

Android is the most popular smartphone OS in the world as of 2016. Since its release in 2007, the sales of Android devices have grown strongly over the years. In 2009, 6.8 million smartphones running on Android were sold. By 2015, this figure has risen to more than 1.6 billion. In the beginning of 2016, Android accounted for around 85 percent of all smartphone sales to end users worldwide.

Android Data Transfer

Android is the most widely used smartphone in the current mobile market. How to backup your Android important information, or how to avoid losing valuable data is needed to pay attention. As a matter of fact, there are many software or apps about Android backup, however, you have no idea which one is the best. In the below article, we’ll tell you how to transfer, backup and manage your Android phone or tablet with the most effective and simplest method.

Android Data Transfer provides an easy way to transfer data between Android device and computer, which means that you can breezily transfer, backup, restore and manage Android data and files on Windows PC or macOS. With Android Data Transfer, you can backup Android data to computer and restore it when necessary, transfer data from one Android device to another, manage Android data (such as contacts, messages, etc.).

Android Data Transfer Android Data Transfer(Mac)
Android data transfer

Key Features of Android Data Transfer

Backup Android data to PC/macOS

Backup music, movies, photos, playlists, camera roll, ringtone, sms&mms messages, contacts, calendar, call history, bookmarks and more from Android to computer. Even Android with a broken screen can be also supported.

Restore data from PC/macOS to Android

Restore contacts, messages, call history, calendar, bookmarks from your computer to your Android phone or tablet, no matter new or old device.

Android to Android Data Transfer

Transfer data from one Android device to another directly. No root required. The transferred data is the same as your original data.

Manage Android contacts on computer

Manage Android contacts on PC or macOS: add, edit or even delete Android contacts.

Export Android messages, contacts

Export Android contacts and messages(SMS & MMS) to document file, such as TXT, CSV, DOC, PDF, VCF, HTML.

Print Android messages, contacts from computer

Print Android messages(SMS & MMS), contacts on computer directly.

Support all Android phones & tablets

Work with all Android devices made by Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. The new Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 7 are supported.

With Android Data Transfer, you can transfer, backup, manage Android phone or tablet data on Windows/macOS PC without any data lost.

Key Features of Android Data Transfer