Samsung Kies Review, review Samsung Kies & Kies 3

Samsung Kies Review

Samsung Kies is a free software used to communicate between your Windows/Mac computer and Samsung mobile phone, tablets or other supported devices using a USB cable or wireless connection. It helps you efficiently transfer your contacts, messages, calendar, music, photos, videos, podcasts to/from computer and mobile device, backup device data on computer so that you can restore it in case of crashes or other issues, upgrade your device firmware and operating system, purchase of additional or special device features, etc.

Samsung Kies supports devices with Android 2.3.x through 4.2.x, while Kies 3 supports devices with Android Jelly Bean 4.3.x and up. Almost all Samsung Galaxy devices are supported by Samsung Kies and Kies 3, including Galaxy S6 & S6 edge, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 & S3 mini, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Mega & Mega 2, etc. Trying to use Kies with newer devices, or Kies3 with older devices, will result in an error message. So please download the correct version for your device from

How to use Samsung Kies? Please refer to below YouTube video from Samsung.

The Good
Samsung Kies does a lot of things for you. With it, you can sync contacts and schedule, sync music, photos and videos, upgrade firmware, add new contacts, backup and restore mobile phone data, purchase applications, create music playlist, subscribe to podcast, save take photos and videos, transfer contacts to new mobile phone, etc.

It’s pretty easy to use the Samsung Kies. Just by installing it on your Windows or Mac computer, then plugging your Samsung mobile device in with the provided USB cable. Kies will find it, and present you with a fairly simple user interface full of things you can do with it. On Windows computers, Kies includes a set of universal device drivers so you don’t have to fool with that, and it will automatically recognize your phone in case you have more than one.

The Bad
Some users complain that the Kies works slowly, and it doesn’t support Samsung mobile device well Mac computer. When connect Samsung device to Kies via USB, it does seem unstable, tends to cut out requiring users re-connect the cable, which make Samsung mobile users annoyed because it is time wasting to establish a simple USB connection.

Although Kies can manage multimedia files such as audio, video and photos, it limits to certain file formats, for example, Kies does not recognise .avi files. Kies does not list the songs by when you added them, so you are stuck manually taking time to upload songs to your phone one by one pretty much. This program is very confusing, frustrating, and slow.

Samsung Kies Alternative: MobileGo for Android (Windows & Mac)

The MoibleGo for Android is a smart application to manage your mobile device data, both Android and iOS devices are supported. For Android device users, you can backup and restore your Android phone or tablet in one mouse click, install apps, transfer music, videos, photos, contacts, messages and documents to/from computer, send messages from computer, etc. For iOS users, you can clean up your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to save valuable space, backup and restore iOS device data, import iTunes music & videos, mange contacts, messages, photos and more.

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