Transfer files by connecting Android to PC wirelessly

It’s very convenient to transfer files wirelessly than transferring files via a USB cable, and you don’t have to wait beside your PC until the transfers complete. So there are many apps developed for Android users to transfer files between their Android devices and PCs over WiFi. When you go to the Google Play store and search on “wifi transfer”, which will present you the top rated apps that do the transfer job without a USB cable, such as AirDroid, WiFi File Transfer, and ES File Explorer, X-plore File Manger, AndroZip File Manager, etc.

Wifi: Transfer files by connecting Android to PC wirelessly
UMS: Connect Android to PC via USB Mass Storage
MTP: Connect Android to PC as MTP/PPT
Review: Review of MTP/PTP and USB Mass Storage connection modes

The Top 3 Rated Apps for transferring files between your Android and PC

The free AirDroid lets you manage and control your Android devices from a desk web browser. It can be used to receive and send files wirelessly between your Android device and PC, and lets you view pictures/videos or listen to music on your Android phone or tablet. It even allows you to send text messages from your computer through your phone, etc. Visit this webpage, which tells you how to transfer files between an Android phone and a PC using WiFi.

The Top 3 Rated Apps for transferring files between your Android and PC

WiFi File Transfer has two versions: Free and Pro ($1.40). With a wireless connection, you can transfer files from multiple machines on your wireless network. The only limitation of the free version is that you can’t upload files larger than 5MB, so many Android users use the Pro version to upload large files. Using WiFi File Transfer, please refer to this website.

WiFi File Transfer

ES File Explorer is a free Android tool for managing files and applications. For one hand, you can easily move, copy, rename or delete files or folders on computer. On the other hand, your can install, uninstall, backup apps, and a note editor for editing text so that you don’t need to install too many other apps on your Android device. According to this link, you can access Android Device via FTP on Mac/PC Using ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer