Android WhatsApp Transfer, transfer WhatsApp chats between Android phones

Android WhatsApp Transfer

Android WhatsApp TransferNeed to transfer WhatsApp chats from your old Android phone to a new one? The Android WhatsApp Transfer is able to copy your WhatsApps messages between any Android phones seamlessly. The software also lets you backup and restore WhatsApp chats on computer. You can even extract the WhatsApp attachments to PC, such as pictures, videos, and audio files. Free to try it, you can easily transfer WhatsApp messages between Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Huawei and more Android phones.

Android WhatsApp Transfer, transfer WhatsApp chats between Android phones

Key Features of Android WhatsApp Transfer

Transfer WhatsApp chats between Android phones
You can transfer WhatsApp messages with attachments from one Android phone to another. All of your WhatsApp chats will be merged perfectly on your target Android phone.

Transfer messages from WhatsApp backup file to Android phone
Have you backed up your WhatsApp data to a backup file (*.db.crypt) on Android phone? You can restore the WhatsApp messages from the backup file to your Android phone.

Backup Android WhatsApp chats to computer
It’s easy to copy your Android phone WhatsApp chats and attachments to computer for backup, and all of your WhatsApp messages will be saved in conversations.

Restore WhatsApp chats from PC to Android phone
Restore WhatsApp messages that you backed up on computer to Android phone when necessary, the attachments can be also restored.

Extract WhatsApp attachments to PC
The software supports extract WhatsApp chats attached files to computer from Android phone, including pictures, videos and audio files.

Export Android WhatsApp chats to 5 document files
You can export the WhatsApp messages to computer in 5 document files, txt, csv, doc, html and pdf. All WhatsApp chats or the chats with a certain contact can be transferred to your computer.

Print out Android WhatsApp chats on computer
It’s cool to print out your Android WhatsApp messages in threading mode. You can select to print out all WhatsApp chats history or just the chats with a certain contact.

Support all Android phones with different networks
More than 1,000 Android phones are supported, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG, Huawei, ZTE, etc.